Excellent Design

We are designers by trade with a passion for sport. Our design team can help turn your ideas into a reality.

If you need help on choosing the right collar or the perfect sleeve then that’s why we are here.

If you don't want to use a standard template and go for something a little bit special then we can help.



Free Design Service
  • Layout and colours on a sketch is fine, although if artwork is within our templates already then this can speed up the process.
  • Initial designs are normally carried out within 2 working days.
  • BUZZARDS will create your design at no charge and will allow 2 sets of alterations with no additional charges.
  • Subsequent changes may be charged at £40 + VAT per revision.
  • Additional designs will also be billed at the standard design rate.
  • BUZZARDS will notify you of any charges prior to any additional design work.
No limit to number of colours
  • The print process runs CMYK, however we can also use PANTONE as well as RGB.
  • If there is any doubt in the colours when we are testing the print, we will print a mini colour chart along with your colour sample to allow you to choose the desired colour.
Logos & Sponsors
  • No limit to the number of logos.
  • All logos required within the design must be supplied.
  • Logos should be supplied in print ready format (AI, EPS, SVG or COREL). Some PDF files will be suitable if they contain vector files. JPEG PSD PNG or TIFF files can be used also but they must be at least 150dpi at actual size.
  • Please convert all text to outlines / curves if able to do so.
  • We do not accept responsibility for poor print quality on logos which have been supplied in a substandard quality.
  • We will mention any issues with logos and if necessary supply a print sample of any sections of logos or design which is questionable.
  • We assume that logos supplied are with permission to be used.
  • Logos can be enlarged as long as they do not cross seam.
  • Individual names can be added for an additional charge.
Tips to Consider When We're Designing Your Garments
  • The dotted lines on the template show the cut lines of the smallest size.
  • Stay within the dotted lines with all important aspects of design and logos. Overall design and colour must run to the outer solid lines.
  • Designs may not line up across seams on all sizes, however we will do our best and will inform you if there are going to be significant differences.
  • All text should be converted to outlines / curves if able to do so.
  • Gradients and fades of certain colours will take on a different hue as the colour lightens, e.g. red can appear as pink.
Logo requirements

BUZZARDS logo will be applied to all garments, positioned and colour matched to the design of the jersey.

Accepted Formats
  • Illustrator CS (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  • Photoshop CS (.psd, .tiff, .eps)
  • Acrobat (.pdf)
We cover a wide range of sports uniforms as per gender and ages.
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